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  About Us

The Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology (FECT) is a non-profit company set up in 2012 capitalizing on the 5 year long work on FECT-Sri Lanka has undertaken in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Columbia University and other organizations which led to a unique capabilities in climate adaptation for Maldives.
The staff affiliated with us and the networks of organizations possess expertise in the relevant fields of climate, water resources management, disaster risk management, energy conservation and management, and we are uniquely positioned to contribute to the successful implementation of the above project. Our vision is to make FECT-MV a repository of scientific expertise related to climate and environment and a driver of further research and development.

Adjunct Scientists
Ms. H. Ahmed
Dr. Zahid
Dr. Mizna Mohamed

FECT in Maldives
Climate variability and climate change poses compelling challenges for the Maldives. In comparison with the potential impact and risks, there has been inadequate use of latest climate science for adaptation, risk management and policy-making. Advantage can be taken of advances in monitoring, prediction technologies and advances in computing, satellite imaging and communication technologies. The Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology (FECT) grew out of the decade-long collaboration between the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka and Earth Institute units.

Further interactions have followed through a series of visits with other Agencies under the Ministry of Environment such as the Energy and Water Authority, Disaster Management Centre, Maldivian Meteorological Services, and other agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Maldivian National University,  the United Nations Development Program in the Maldives and Renewable Energy Maldives.

These interactions have led to the development of an action plan for capacity building for climate services, collaboraitve climate research and the development of web based tools for climatic analysis, monitoring and predictions for the Maldives.